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Black cannot prevent him from doubling rooks on the 7th rank. ~d1!. ~c8t followed by 2 ... ~cc7±, because Black can then defend his pawns with 3 ... g5. g5 It is interesting tD see how great the advantage of doubling rooks on the 7th rank is. Black cannot defend his pawns satisfactorily because White combines attacking them from behind with threats of mate. Nothing is achieved by 2 ... c;t>f8 (intending ... ~ff7 and Black can no longer exchange the rooks by 5 ... ~e7, since it is clear that the pawn ending would be lost.

B5) would be just as good. h5 you get 1 consolation point. ~e2 a6! g4 Now h3 is a weakness. 6 ... bxa4 bxc4! c3 ~b7! ~e8 ~d3t 22. c4 ~xh3-+ White's remaining pawns are both weaknesses. l"lxh5 l"lb8-+ 29 ... ~blt xa4 36. ~hl ~g3 38. d4 g4 39. e4 ~g2 40. f4 h2 0-1 Ex. 4-8 Tunis 1979 White can win the h7 -pawn after bringing his knight to f6. etJf6 1-0 Ex. d5! (1 point) White wins a pawn almost by force. ~xcl h8 3 ... hb7± Ex. ctJd6?! ctJeg5?! ctJxg5 g6°o For either of these you only get 1 consolation point.

To hold the draw, all you have to do is prevent the move hS-h6. ~e7 ge6= 58 Fortresses Diagram 6-9 Fortress VIII The white king has to block in the opposing king. It must go to a square of the same colour as the black knight. @f2! ~fl?? ~flttJe4-+ and White is in zugzwang. @f2= Here it is Black who is in zugzwang. These elementary fortresses must be learned by heart and thoroughly understood! If you do that, you can save some games or avoid losing points unnecessarily in the endgame. In the exercises which follow, please try to reach one of the fortresses which have been presented, or else try to disrupt the opponent's attempts to construct a fortress!

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