New PDF release: A Brief History of Heaven

By Alister E. McGrath

ISBN-10: 0631233539

ISBN-13: 9780631233534

Эта книга одного из самых известных современных христианских авторов исследует историю небес, от их происхождения в библейских письменах к самым новым представлениям о них.


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There was no sadness, nor any foolish joy, for true gladness flowed ceaselessly from the presence of God. Augustine’s depiction of paradise has important implications for his concept of heaven, in that the life to come involves the restoration of the conditions of this earthly paradise. The Millennium as Paradise One of the most interesting aspects of early Christian reflections concerning the afterlife is its interest in the idea of the millennium – the period of one thousand years which, according to the Book of Revelation, intervenes between the coming of Christ and the final judgment.

Resurrection could thus be conceived as the unfolding of a predetermined pattern within the human organism. Yet even this image had to be treated with caution. Where some theologians took the view that this obliged them to treat such matters with restraint, others appear to have seen themselves as liberated from the traditional constraints imposed by the biblical text, and launched into the most stratospheric of theological speculations. One possibility would be to imagine the streets of the New Jerusalem as inhabited by disembodied souls.

This will last for a thousand years, in a city of God’s own making, the Jerusalem which has been brought down from heaven which the Apostle also designates as “our mother from above” (Galatians 4:26). When he proclaims that “our politeuma,” that is, citizenship, “is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20), he is surely referring to a heavenly city. . We affirm that this is the city established by God for the reception of the saints at the resurrection, and for their refreshment with an abundance of all blessings, spiritual blessings to be sure, in compensation for the blessings we have despised or lost in this age.

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