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This can be the 1st accomplished research of the philosophical achievements of twelfth-century Western Europe. it's the collaboration of fifteen students whose exact survey makes obtainable the highbrow preoccupations of the interval, with all texts brought up in English translation all through. After a dialogue of the cultural context of twelfth-century hypothesis, and a few of the most streams of notion - Platonic, Stoic, and Arabic - that quickened it, comes a characterisation of the recent difficulties and views of the interval, in clinical inquiry, speculative grammar, and good judgment. this can be by means of a more in-depth exam of the targeted positive factors of a few of the main leading edge thinkers of the time, from Anselm and Abelard to the varsity of Chartres. a last part exhibits the effect of newly recovered works of Aristotle within the twelfth-century West.

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20 Dragmaticon, ed. Guilielmus Gratarolus (Strasbourg 1567; repr. Frankfurt 1967), p. 83. 28 Background philosophical studies during the later twelfth century. Thus before attempting to trace their influence it will be necessary to look more closely at the limitations of their work, in order to distinguish more clearly that in it which was of enduring importance. 22 The paradoxical result is that the most ardent Platonists of the twelfth century were forced to abandon philosophical Platonism in favour of a cosmology which vacillates between a crude form of natural science and wholly intuitive exercises in myth and metaphor.

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