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By Anthony Kenny

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Sir Anthony Kenny maintains his magisterial new heritage of Western philosophy with a desirable consultant via greater than a millennium of suggestion from four hundred advert onwards, charting the tale of philosophy from the founders of Christian and Islamic inspiration via to the Renaissance. the center a while observed a superb flourishing of philosophy, and the highbrow endeavour of the period reaches its climax within the 13th and fourteenth centuries, with the platforms of the good schoolmen similar to Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus. specifically written for a huge renowned readership, yet critical and deep adequate to supply a real knowing of the good philosophers, Kenny's lucid and stimulating background becomes the definitive paintings for someone drawn to the folk and ideas that formed the process Western notion.

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The Christian empire contains sinners as well as saints, as Augustine illustrates with the example of the emperor Theodosius, whom St Ambrose forced to do penance for the brutality with which he suppressed a rebellion at Thessalonica in 391 (DCD V. 26). Nor is the City of God to be identiWed with the Church on earth, even though in later ages Augustine’s book was sometimes taken to be a guide to relations between Church and State. The nature of the two cities is not fully understood until we consider their Wnal state, which Augustine does in the last three books of The City of God.

But then once he was a bishop his aims were never purely philosophical: both rhetoric and logic were merely instruments for the spreading of Christ’s gospel. The Consolations of Boethius In the Wfth century the Roman Empire experienced an age of foreign invasion (principally in the West) and of theological disputation (principally in the East). Augustine’s City of God had been occasioned by the sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410; in 430, when he died in Hippo, the Vandals were at the gates of the city.

The Council had been called by the emperor Theodosius II because the patriarchates of Constantinople and Alexandria disagreed violently about how to formulate the doctrine of the divine sonship of the man Jesus Christ. In the course of the century the Goths and the Vandals were succeeded by an even more fearsome group of invaders, the Huns, under their king Attila. Attila conquered vast areas from China to the Rhine before being fought to a standstill in Gaul in 451 by a Roman general in alliance with a Gothic king.

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