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By John Watson

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Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on glossy chess process and his insightful establishing books, that it's only usual that he now provides a strategic establishing repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that offers rivals actual difficulties yet does not require plenty of memorization or continuous research of ever-changing grandmaster conception. whereas this ebook cannot relatively promise all of that, Watson deals an fascinating collection of strains that supply large scope for over-the-board creativity and may by no means result in a lifeless draw.

The repertoire is predicated on 1 d4 and a pair of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his gigantic commencing wisdom to choose crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that may strength rivals to imagine for themselves, delivering a real try out of chess figuring out. all through, he discusses ideas for either side, so readers could be totally able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature all of the instruments to choose the main applicable plans for White.

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E I ti:Jb6 ( 1 4 .. 'ii'c8 1 5 'ili'b5 ! tf4! th3?! tc5 1 7 lt:Je6! :tac8? tc5 22 ti:Jde2 ±. d2) 1 2 ... xd5 ! :tfd8 ( l4... ti:Jxd5 1 5 lt:Jxd5 might transpose, and White This is the traditional main line of the Tar­ rasch Defence, played in thousands of games. 31) 13 'ilfb3 lt:Ja5 1 3 . . lle5 ?! defends d5 , but it's all held to­ gether with string. :tfd 1 ( 1 4 a3 ! is also interesting, with the idea of 1 4 . . tt:Ja5 ( 14 ... a6 1 5 lt:Jc2! lt:Ja5 1 6 'ilfb6 ±) 1 5 'ilfc2. tf4, and l 5 ...

Ixf3 ! 7 gxf3 li:Jxc3 (7 ... l:tbl !? exd4 l O �a4 ! b5 (or 1 1 'ii'a4) 1 1 ... a6! �d7 1 3 cxd4 'iVxd4 ( 1 3 .. lbxd4 1 4 'ii'a4+) 1 4 'ii'b3 ! , winning. a3) 6 ... tZ'lxc3 7 bxc3 (D) was a topical line for a while in the 1 980s. b6 1 -0 Tukmakov-Vincent, Lugano 1 986. c) 4 ... txf3 5 exf3 (5 gxf3 isn't bad either) 5 ... e6 (5 ... dxc4? g5 ! b5 (D). e5? e2! b5 ( l l .. e3 ±; I I .. xg4! intending 1 2. b8 ( 1 2. d2 'ii'x al + 1 8 'ii'd l ! 'ii'xa2 1 9 0-0 'iVc4 20 'iVf3 1 -0 Raedecker-Wittmann, corr.

T'i:Jf6? ) 5 e4 t'i:Jf6 6 d5 (or simply 6 li:Jc3) 6 ... t'i:Jb8 7 t'i:Jc3 e6 8 i.. b5+ c6 1 0 dxc6 t'i:Jxc6 ( 1 0... ia4 and Black's position is in tatters) 1 1 'i'xd8+ i.. ixd8 �xd8 1 5 0-0-0 �c7 1 6 li:Je4 and White controls the play - Black's dark squares are terribly weak and his c8-bishop is bad. c) 3 ... e6 is passive and shuts in the queen's bishop. ib4 (4... dxc4?! ib4 6 i.. g5 (5 e3 also favours White) 5 ... f6 (5 ... ih4 4 e6 ... Easily the best move. As for the alternatives, the following analysis (from various sources and the author's own input) makes fascinating reading, but as all of it greatly favours White, you may not want to get too enmeshed in the particulars.

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