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When you've got ever questioned if there's extra to faith than historical rituals, then this booklet is for you. in case you have already come to the belief that Wicca is the faith for you, then this booklet can help fill in these many blanks which have been left by way of different books. Making no try to dictate spiritual dogma or regimen, the writer illustrates the various matters a person's faith may still tackle and exhibits how he has discovered solutions to these matters throughout the perform of a contemporary faith, which has, partly, been established on a few of the oldest ideas of the traditional international. He examines the 4 levels of existence from this attitude. o Maiden and grasp - delivery, Wiccaning, and Self-Dedication. o parents - Initiation, Mating Customs, and being pregnant. o Crone and Sage - Grandchildren, Suicide, and loss of life. o heart flooring - Reincarnation, Summerland, and Winterland.

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Where the females of other creatures moved to the rhythm of the Sun, her cycle moved to the rhythm of the Moon. Like the womb of her beloved Earth Mother, her tides rose and fell with the Moon. From this was observed the lunar calendar. Commentary on the Book of Creation In Wicca, neither is the Creator male nor female, neither Lord nor Lady. Instead, Wicca views the Creator as the union of Lord and Lady. Our Lord is the masculine principle of the soul (Yang) as well as the masculine principle of all things.

At a public rite, this might be the act of assuring folk that they can observe or they can participate, but that they should decide which it is they are going to do prior to the casting of the Circle. At a wedding, this might take the form similar to asking if everyone present consents to the marriage. In a Wiccaning, this is the act of asking everyone in attendance if they welcome the new person to the community. The person being Wiccaned is also pledging that he is dedicated to that community and asking if folk accept his or her dedication.

For added effect, small bells can be attached to the besoms. Starting from the center of the Circle and moving in the direction of banishing (counterclockwise), the area is swept with the intent of cleansing. However, it is not necessary for the brooms to hit the ground or move any dirt at all. The idea here is to instill the intention of cleaning in your guest’s mind, not to soil their feet with dirt or pelt them with bits of gravel. So if the area is in need of a good sweeping, do so prior to your guests’ arrival and then again symbolically once they are present.

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