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By Jean-Pierre de Caussade S.J.

ISBN-10: 0307826422

ISBN-13: 9780307826428

For greater than 250 years, this easy vintage of concept has guided readers of all faiths to the open-hearted attractiveness of God's will that's the definite route to serenity, happiness, and religious peace.

"A non secular vintage of the 1st order... a ebook for all those that really search God." --Dom David Knowles

"Father de Caussade has a superb means of encouraging the uncertain, of nurturing the private quit that's rather a lot part of the improvement of religion. The e-book is a secret of its personal -- and is well now not for Christians only." --Rabbi Joshua Chasan

"Abandonment to Divine Providence is a vintage probably extra useful now than ever earlier than. it is a little booklet that rightly rejects the spirituality of worry and trembling (and the trendy preoccupation with dreary self-absorption) in want of an abiding belief in God's lively benevolence. this can be a paintings one reads many times, continually with gratitude and astonishment." --Donald Spoto, Author...

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If the business of becoming holy seems to present insufferable difficulties, it is merely because we have a wrong idea about it. In reality, holiness consists of one thing only: complete loyalty to God’s will. Now everyone can practice this loyalty, whether actively or passively. To be actively loyal means obeying the laws of God and the Church and fulfilling all the duties imposed on us by our way of life. Passive loyalty means that we lovingly accept all that God sends us at each moment of the day.

It is simply this: most of us are very ordinary creatures with humdrum lives, work to be done, and with every day filled with a multiplicity of trivial decisions and tasks. Our lives are made up of a stream of petty affairs, some pleasant, many boring, and a lot unpleasant and often tragic. We must not exaggerate. There is a great deal of pleasure, even delight, in life. But there is also much that is irritating and tedious. Caussade says that everything in life is to be welcomed as the expression of the will of God, so we must “accept what we very often cannot avoid, and endure with love and resignation things which could cause us weariness and disgust.

Consider your life, and you will see that it consists of countless trifling actions. Yet God is quite satisfied with them, for doing them as they should be done is the part we have to play in our striving for perfection. There can be no doubt about this. Holy Scripture makes it very plain: “Fear God, and keep his commandments, since this is the whole duty of man” (Eccles. 12:13). This is all we have to do. This is active loyalty. If we do our part, God will do the rest. Grace will pour into us and will perform marvels far beyond our understanding, for “no eye has seen and no ear has heard things beyond the mind of man, all that God has prepared for those who love him” (I Cor.

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