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By Francois Lepine

ISBN-10: 097811051X

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You're hugely inspired to learn the introductive publication "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" sooner than you cross directly to the complicated suggestions provided during this booklet. fascinated with the transformation of self from inside of, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual perform that may not merely paintings you to turn into the grasp of your lifestyles, yet also will produce remarkable observable manifestations of serious power, healthiness, actual and psychological power. working towards Kuji-In because it is gifted right here will aid and improve each motion you are taking in lifestyles. Your psychic talents will evolve, and you may in achieving an extended conception of the area

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First, help release energy blockages that may be present in the abdomen and on the border of the rib-cage. Place your hands palm down on your knees. ) thru the mouth contracting all your abdominal muscles. Empty as much air as you can, and immediately release your abdomen muscles but keep your lungs empty, do not inhale yet. While your belly is relaxed and empty (no air in it) remain in this breathless state while you suck your abdomen up into your rib cage. Keep all your intestines and digestive organs pulled up into your rib cage.

You are what you experience, as consciousness, as spirit, as life. Do not rush through your experience of this step. Allow the penetrating fusion to continue for a while, until there is no pain associated with the emotion, but only the experience of it. Conscious breathing will also naturally relax your hold on the emotion until it is released. Please understand that the emotion will not leave you, it will simply be free to remain inside of you without any of the previous negative associations.

Please understand that the emotion will not leave you, it will simply be free to remain inside of you without any of the previous negative associations. Always consciously push past your fear of pain; never push away the emotion. With your mind, consolidate the entire experience, which is comprised of all of the life events that made it; breathe and be conscious within that entirety. - 43 - The human ego has strong natural defense systems. Many times, the emotion is not blocked all by itself. Instead, the human ego keeps control over it, out of arrogance, vanity, jealousy, and envy, the ego refuses to allow the emotion the right to be resolved, all because of pride.

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