Advances in cell culture. Volume 1 by Karl Maramorosch PDF

By Karl Maramorosch

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ISBN-13: 9780120079018

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Gastric (8/34) b. Colon-rectal (2/10) c. Pancreatic (5/10) d. Hepatoma (14/84) 4. Malignant melanoma 5. Miscellaneous carcinomas 25 70 21 a 8 6-13 From Braunstein et al. (1973). , 1976). Moreover, Braunstein et al. , 1977). These findings emphasize the fact that nearly all tumor markers (including CEA and α-fetoprotein) can be detected in small amounts in adults, particularly in tissues with active cell multiplication. Elaboration of large amounts of these "fetal peptides" is usually associated with malignancy.

C Secreted into media. d Cell pellets were lost so that intracellular choriogonadotropin could not be assayed. e Inhibition of cell growth could not be accurately quantified in these bottles because of marked variations in cell counts in control cultures. 8-fold. a Dicarboxylates Succinate Adipate Alcohols Butanol Crotyl alcohol Amines Butylamine Putrescine Ketone Ethyl methyl ketone Ester Butyl acetate Sulfoxide Dimethyl sulfoxide / a-Hydroxyhexanoate CH 3 -[CH 2 ] 3 -CH(OH)-C0 2 Na NH 2 -CH 2 -CH 2 -CH 2 -C0 2 Na CH 3 -[CH 2 ] 3 -C0 2 Na γ-Aminobutyrate Valerate 32 RODY P.

However, when both drugs are used together, the production of HCG is markedly increased, indicating complementary interactions of these agents. In contrast, conditions of culture such as serum deprivation and isoleucine-deficient medium which inhibit HeLa cell growth and focus cells in early G, do not increase HCG synthesis. HeLa cells collected in M phase by colcemide block have a slight increase in intracellular HCG level but a concordant decrease in extracellular hormone, suggesting the importance of microtubular integrity for hormone secretion; M phase cells do not exhibit an increase in hormone synthesis.

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