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By Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

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And Lingappa, V. R. (1979). Symp. Soc. Exp. Biol. 33, 9-36. Blum, C. B. (1982). J. Lipid Res. 23, 1308-1316. Blum, C. , and Sciacca, R. (1980). J. Clin. Invest. 66, 1240-1250. , Hanash, S. , and Sing, C. F. (1987). Am. J. Med. Genet. 11, 567-582. Boguski, M. , Birkenmeier, E. , Elshourbagy, N. , Taylor, J. , and Gordon, J. I. (1986a). J. Biol. Chem. 261, 6398-6407. Boguski, M. , Elshourbagy, N. , Taylor, J. , and Gordon, J. I. (1986b). J. Lipid Res. 27, 1011-1034. , and Olofsson, S. O. (1987).

These putative receptors were initially designated apoE receptors (Hui etal, 1981). 3 x 10"10 M), calcium-dependent, pronase-sensitive site and a lower-affinity (K& 2 x 10 ~8 M), calciumindependent, pronase-resistant site. Arginine or lysine modification of HDLs with apoE abolished binding to the higher, but not to the lower, affinity site (Hui etal, 1981). The specificity of the high-affinity receptor for apoE was established by competition experiments. [125I]HDLs with apoE, which can bind to either the LDL (B/E) or the putative apoE receptor, were only partially displaced by excess unlabeled LDLs, but were totally displaced by excess unlabeled HDLs with apoE (Hui etal, 1981).

The apoE allele frequencies have also been assessed in different populations (Assmann et al, 1984; Bouthillier etal, 1983; Breslow and Zannis, 1987; Cumming and Robertson, 1984; Ehnholm etal, 1986; Eto etal, 1986a; Ordovas etal, 1987; Utermann etal, 1982; Wardell etal, 1982) around the world. 077. apoE phenotype frequencies were: E4/4, 3; E3/3, 60; E2/2, 6; E4/3, 23; E4/2, 2; and E3/2, 12 (Utermann et al, 1982). 12 (Wardell etal, 1982). 117, respectively, from 576 Japanese subjects from Asahikawa (Eto etal, 1896a) were significantly different from those of the other populations studied.

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