Alekhine Alert! A Repertoire for Black Against 1 e4 - download pdf or read online

By Timothy Taylor

ISBN-10: 1857446232

ISBN-13: 9781857446234

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor takes a modern examine one in every of Black’s so much formidable counters to at least one e4, the Alekhine Defence. it is a sharp, inventive beginning within which Black assaults from the very starting, luring White’s imperative pawns ahead within the expectation of destroying them later on. In this ebook Taylor constructs a realistic repertoire for Black, excellent for the modern day participant. the entire key tactical and positional principles are coated and critical move-order nuances are highlighted. This publication offers every thing you want to recognize in an effort to play the Alekhine with self assurance.

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Mter 6 . �xdB+ (the al­ ternative 6 . �a4+ c6 7 . �xc4 is certainly w e a k e r i n view of Black's similar reply 7 . . �a5+ B . i. d 2 �xe5 9 . c3 �e6=) 6 . . 'it>xdB 7 . e4 White has a better endga m e . For exampl e , after 7 . . b5 (7 . . e6 B . f4 g6 9 . ttJd2 b5 1 1 . ttJf3±) B . a4 ! c 6 9 . iLe3 a 6 1 0 . axb5 cxb5 1 1 . b7 (in case of 1 1 . xb6 1 5 . e6 1 6 . e2 i.. d 7 1 B . lld4± with a pair of bishops on White's side and the black king uncastled) 1 2 . e2 h5 1 3 . c5 1 6 . xc5 1Ixc5 17 .

A3 tOd7 7. e3 e6 9. td6 he obtains good counterplay. e4 e5 12. dxe5 tOxe5 13. txe5°o gave mu­ tual chances to both opponents in the game Koshy - Rahman, Dhaka 1995. 4 tOf6 ••• Actually, the strongest con­ tinuation here is 4 .. e6, transpos­ ing into a position given below as variation c. cxd5 This is the best possible way to reveal the defects of Black's last move. Black must make his choice between b l ) 5 cxd5 and •.. b2) 5 ••• ttJxd5. bl) 5 This position occurred in the game Pitschka - Sandor, Bayern 1998.

B lack tried many various moves in the chess practice, so we should be patient to pay attention to any of them. After 8 . . lb d 7 9. lb xf5 exf5 10. e3 lbgffi 11. �e2 �e7 12. 'tf'ic2 g6 (in case of 12 . . lbf8 13. h3 lbg6 14. �h2 0-0 15. 0-0 lb e4 16. bxc3 �g5 1B. l:ab 1 lbe7 21. b4 a6 (if B lack starts a standard bishop transfer to c7 by 13. �dB, then White takes ini­ tiative by 14. �h6 lbg4 15. �xg4 fxg4 16. e4t) 14. a4 lbe4 15. 0-0 lb fB 16. lb xe4 fxe4 17 . l:ab 1 �dB 2U� b 3± White developed his attack on the queenside suc­ cessfully in the game Miles - Nei, ...

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