Richard Bellman, Kenneth L. Cooke's Algorithms, Graphs, and Computers, Vol. 62 PDF

By Richard Bellman, Kenneth L. Cooke

ISBN-10: 0120848406

ISBN-13: 9780120848409

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And H. M. Wagner, “Optimal Capacity Scheduling,” RM-3021-PR, 1962, The R A N D Corp. J . M. Hamrnersley, “On Steiner’s Network Problem,” Mathematika 8 (1961) 131-132. 6. A variation of Steiner’s problem occurs in printed circuit technology. Suppose that n electrical junctions are to be connected with the shortest possible length of wire and moreover that the wires must run in the horizontal and vertical directions. Solve this problem for n = 3 and n = 4. See M . Hanan, “On Steiner’s Problem with Rectilinear Distance,” SIAM J .

A path in a graph which traverses each edge exactly once is now called an Euler line or Euler circuit, and a graph in which an The Problem of the Konigsberg Bridges 37 Euler line exists is called an Euler graph. We shall not pursue this topic a t the present time, since our objective has been merely to give another example from the realm of graph theory. We note again that in this example there is no question of assigning lengths to the edges, nor of minimizing path lengths. The question is one of the existence of a path of a specified kind.

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Algorithms, Graphs, and Computers, Vol. 62 by Richard Bellman, Kenneth L. Cooke

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