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By Fabrice Baudoin

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This booklet goals to supply a self-contained creation to the neighborhood geometry of the stochastic flows. It reports the hypoelliptic operators, that are written in Hormander's shape, through the use of the relationship among stochastic flows and partial differential equations. The booklet stresses the author's view that the neighborhood geometry of any stochastic movement is decided very accurately and explicitly via a common formulation often called the Chen-Strichartz formulation. The typical geometry linked to the Chen-Strichartz formulation is the sub-Riemannian geometry, and its major instruments are brought during the textual content.

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Moreover if a is a subset of Z, we denote a(s) {V(x), V E a}, x E Rn . 1 Assume that for every so E Rn , Z(X0) = Rn , then the operator L is hypoelliptic. 1 analytic coefficients (see [Derridj 09711]). 2 It is also possible to obtain hypoellipticity results for second order differential operators which can not be written as a sum of squares (see [Oleinic and Radkevic 09731 ]). The original proof of 116rmander was rather complicated and has been considerably simplified in [Kohn (1973)] using the theory of pseudo-differential operators.

___ 1 j dim Vi . We know that, due to the dilations, the volume of a ball Bg (0, E) is CE". Consider now a maximal filling of Bg (0, 1) with balls of radius E. An upper bound for the number of balls N(E) in this filling is 1 N(E) < D Now, the set of concentric balls of radius 2E constructed from this filling covers B g (0, 1). o which is 0 if s> D. Therefore the Hausdorff dimension is smaller than D. Conversely, given any covering of Bg (0, 1) by sets of diameter < E, there is an associated covering with balls of the same diameter.

Victoir. If X : [0, -koo) R 2 is an absolutely continuous path, then for 0 0 such that Br 0G2(Rd ) and d dB; = E Dipn o dB, O < t < T. 2 The process (Bnt>o is called the lift of the Brownian motion (Bt ) t >0 in the group It is immediate to check that we have B; = (Bt , (14 Hi, o 2 0 — o dB) , t > O.

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