An Introduction to the Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan by Hugo A. Meynell PDF

By Hugo A. Meynell

ISBN-10: 0333546814

ISBN-13: 9780333546819

ISBN-10: 1349212105

ISBN-13: 9781349212101

This is an advent to the philosophy of a Christian philosopher of the twentieth century. the writer pursues his thesis via arithmetic, empirical technology, logic, intensity psychology and social concept, into metaphysics, ethics and ordinary theology.

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It seems that an exact analogue would exist if schemes of recurrence were perfectly realised. The old determinism was mistaken not in looking for classical laws, but in failing to envisage the possibility of a development in heuristic structures such as would allow for the seeking and Scientific Insight 39 finding of statistical laws. It 'supposed the universal validity of a type of explanation that is possible only when schematic situations are realized perfectly', and overlooked the possibility that the probabilities of the non-schematic account for the existence of the schematic.

19 Sixthly and lastly, we come to the canon of statistical residues. This presupposes inquiry of the classical type, and from there argues to the existence of residues which call for statistical inquiry. There are a large number of schemes of recurrence in the world (where an event of the same description occurs over and over again at regular intervals), of which the planetary system is a clear and obvious example. ' Moreover, 'there does not seem to exist any universal scheme that controls the emergence and survival of the schemes that we know'.

Statistical theories deal with events, which cannot be settled by classical laws without reference to further events. On the other hand, scientifically significant statistical laws will define events by reference to the pure conjugates which are the concern of classical laws. 'For events must be defined if they are to be assigned any frequency but unity. ' It has already been explained that mere reference to experience will not do for defining conjugates once science is sufficiently advanced. 'So pure conjugates will be used in defining the events of scientifically significant statistical laws.

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